Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The weather was slightly foggy, but aside from that it was a marvelous evening in Fresno on December 4. Susan and I, along with the publisher of A Cafe in Boca, Mifanwy Kaiser, arrived at just about sunset for a lovely dinner with our hosts for the evening, Chuck and Dianne Hanzlicek, along with the remarkable poet and dear friend of many years, Peter Everwine.

From the dinner, we went to the Fresno Art Museum, which was the location for my reading. After a terrific introduction from Pete, I stepped up to the microphone. An hour or so later, I was signing a few books for some of the folks who came out to the event, all of them charming and kind.

We drove back afterward, only to be greeted at the door by our Bichon Frise, Sonny, who did his best to show his excitement by giving us a perfect iambic pentameter bark. The work of a poet's dog is never done.